Our School has two buildings. one is administrative block and second is new science block. Special care has been taken for the construction of the buildings.

Administrative block has 40 rooms and new science block has 25 rooms.

New Era School has well furnished basketball ground. There are also separate Volleyball ground, Badminton ground, and Kabaddi ground where students play and earn fame for school.
Our school has been organizing sports events which motivate the students to participate in various sports and games like Badminton, Table tennis, Athletics, Karate, cricket, Football etc.
Games and sports play a vital role in the physical development for the students. The school provides ample opportunities for students to participate in various games and sports. Inter-house tournaments are held for the development of a healthy spirit of competition and comradeship among the students and to participate in the various tournaments organized by different agencies at the district and state level.



Up to 5th class each room is smart class room for best teaching outcomes. For higher wing, there are two smart classes.
Our School Library provides the right environment for enriching student's skill in reading. It treasures thousands books on Education, Science, Literature, Philosophy and General Knowledge besides regular Periodicals, Journals, Magazines and Newspaper. We have collection of more then 2500 books.

The Physics Lab is one of the best in the school. All budding science enthusiasts are taught the practical applications of physics through live demonstrations. It is one of the favorites of students in the school.

A student of science is always inquisitive. The student has lot of answered questions. The chemistry lab is the place where lot of unanswered questions come to the fore and are practically demonstrated to the students. All chemistry experiments are conducted here in the most hygienic and safe manner.

A lab equipped to deal with all questions on biological creation and experimentation. It answers all questions related to the physiology and explains the nature of human and animal formation.

Fully established computer labs with 20 computers. The school is running computer education as per the guidelines set by education board. The lab is fully equipped with hardware and software resources. The school has latest configuration computers. For hardware maintenance an engineer has been assigned the responsibilities.
The school is trying to impart computer education in such a way that after school days, the youth of India may fulfill the growing needs of Information Technology and industry to help the nation in every possible way.
School provides Gymnasium facility for students to remain fit and healthy. School Gymnasium contains various fitness equipment of world class quality.